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Wedding or portrait:

As part of my work, I offer many photographic and video services.

Portrait : Whether you need a photographer for your wedding or for a portrait session in natural light, I will be more than happy to bring my artistic touch!

Architecture photography: For your architectural firm or to sell your property, you can call on my services. You will find examples of my work here and there .

The price will vary according to the location and your different requests (photo book, video ..)

Please contact me by email ( to discuss it.

Photographic workshop:

I also offer workshops around my work, whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, I will teach you my spotting, shooting and post-productions techniques in different fields (astrophotography, infrared, landscapes ...) .


Depending on your request and the level of competence targeted, this may take place over one or more days. The packages for this type of service are as follows (travel costs not included):

- infrared photography workshop (one day): 270 €

In this workshop I'll introduce you to infrared photography, the workshop will be very practical and will also have a post-production part via a video tutorial made for you.

- beginner shooting workshop (one day): 190 €

I will teach you the basics of shooting, with manual settings (speed, sensitivity, aperture, etc.) and also the basics of composition.

- shooting and post-production workshop (two days): 280 €

In addition to the basics of photography, I will teach you how to process your images in post-production according to your style (black & white, vintage style, colors ..)

- night shooting workshop (one evening + one day): 350 €

This package specializes in night shots, with the starry sky.

We will quickly go over the basics of manual mode before getting to the heart of the matter.

This package also includes a day dedicated to the post-production of this type of image.

- full workshop (half a day of preparation / scouting + 2 days (photo and post-production): 550 €

In this workshop, we will start from the basics : how to find good spots and study the weather forecast, before starting an outdoor photo day followed by a night photo session. A last day will be dedicated to the post-production of the images.

Prices may vary according to personalized requests.

The workshops will be accompanied by explanatory videos, to not to forget everything!

For any request, please contact me by email:


Mariage, Baptême ou portrait ​ :

Dans le cadre de mon travail, je propose de nombreuses prestations photographiques.

Portrait : Que vous ayez besoin d'un photographe pour votre mariage ou bien pour une séance portrait en lumière naturelle, je serai plus que ravis d'apporter ma touche artistique ! Des exemples ici

Photographie d'architecture : Pour votre cabinet d'architecte ou bien pour vendre votre bien, vous pouvez faire appel à mes services. Vous trouverez des exemples de mon travail ici et .

Le tarif variera selon le déroulement, le lieux et vos différentes demandes (livre photo, séance photo en couple uniquement ..)

Merci de me contacter par mail ( ou par téléphone ( pour en discuter.

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